Optometrists and Opticians are different.

Optometrists are licensed eye physicians, trained to perform eye exams and treat vision problems. They can detect signs of eye disease and other underlying health issues like diabetes. Our optometrists keep up with the latest eye care technologies and upgrade their skills each year in order to give you the best eye care possible. Whether you wear glasses or not, a regular eye examination is important to your overall health.

​Visit a licensed, trained optometrist to make sure your eyes get the proper health check they need!


We have...

  • Optomap Imaging - Which is different than “Retinal Photos” some practices offer-such as Costco, Vogue etc. Optomap captures a wide panoramic image of the retina allowing the doc to see more of the retina than is possible with a retinal camera. 
  • Myopia Management - We use specialized contacts and glasses to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness) in children. Being more myopic as an adult increases the risk of many eye diseases such as glaucoma as well as significantly increasing the risk of developing a retinal detachment resulting in vision loss.
  • OCT Scans - Optical Coherence Tomography-non invasive technology to produce detailed images of the retina, the inner layer of the eye. 

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Expert, trained eye care.

With 2 optometrists, a licensed optician and certified optometric assistants, our qualified team will prove why our eye care is the best.

100% personalized service.

Your eyes are as individual as you are. We really listen to you and get to know your eye care needs. And we make sure we address each of your questions and concerns. We promise you'll get the care and attention you deserve.

No jargon.

Don't worry - there'll be no confusion here. We talk in straightforward, easy to understand terms so you can feel confident about your eye exam results.

Advice about eye health.

The relationship between the health of your eyes and the health of your body is crucial. We offer great advice and guidance about eye health, nutrition, and lifestyle. You'll know how to look after your eyes - and your health - for life.

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