Cole Harbour Optometry is a well established, socially conscious enterprise recognized for offering superior eye care. Our team is passionate about caring for your eyes in a friendly and easy to understand manner. Leading edge technology enables comprehensive eye exams and - beyond traditional care - Cole Harbour Optometry provides a Holistic Approach. We help you understand the health of your eyes, how to take care of them, and offer naturopathic remedies for many vision problems.

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Why an OCT scan is so important

Some of the most harmful eye diseases are also the most difficult to detect, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Early symptoms of these conditions are not always spotted by conventional eye examinations. To reliably assess the health of your eyes, your eye doctor may recommend a thorough evaluation of the retina once a year using optical coherence tomography (OCT). An OCT scan produces highly detailed 3D images that help identify warning signs of potential eye diseases early.

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